Monday Morning at the Cottage

Our gardens are in need of some tender loving care. The executive is working hard to plan and fund the revitalization of the Furguson Cottage gardens. In the interim, we still want to present the best possible image of the Horticultural Society to the public. Grand Avenue is becoming more and more visible.  The Mayor's new riverfront initiatives and the Dunfield Theater are drawing more people. The traffic through Ferguson Cottage is increasing.  We need your help

Gardening is fun and healthy

We are planning a series of gardening mornings at Ferguson Cottage

Together we can make this a fun social event

Let's  put some live back into the gardens at Ferguson Cottage!


When you come, you should bring:

  • Gardening tools
  • Water bottle,  can be filled at the cottage
  • Coffee mug, coffee breaks are optional but fun.
  • Kids, Grand kids,  Friends and neighbors. Many hands make light work
  • Positive attitude and a big smile.

We will supply:

  • Gardening expertise
  • General direction on where and how to help
  • Music
  • Coffee and possibly muffins & doughnuts
  • Materials and some tools

The following Mondays have been scheduled this summer. When Monday is a Holiday Tuesday has been scheduled If you are willing to host an additional date time please contact Liz and Nancy with the date and time that you are willing to host

Date Time Host
July 3 9 - 12 am Liz
July 4 9 - 12 am Nancy
July 10 9 - 12 am Liz
July 24 9 - 12 am Nancy
July 31 9 - 12 am Liz
Aug 7 Cancelled Liz
Aug 8 9 - 12 am Tuesday Liz
Aug 14 9 - 12 am Liz
Aug 21 9 - 12 am Nancy
Aug 28 9 - 12 am Liz
Sept 5 9 - 12 am Tuesday Lynne
Sept 11 9 - 12 am Nancy



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