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Open Garden Tours for 2017

This year, our tours include various locations in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph and North Dumfries. Ten Monday evenings, excluding holidays, many self-directed private gardens are featured. All of the tours take place from 7 to 9 PM, rain or shine. On most evenings over two locations are listed providing ample gardens to view. This year we are partnering with the Hespeler Horticultural Society and featuring the Saturday walking tour of Downtown Hespeler.

The selected locations provide a diverse taste in gardening. There will be something for everyone’s interests. While different, each property has passionate gardeners who have transformed their yards into an enjoyable space for themselves, family and friends.

So, if you are interested in seeing a variety of diverse locations, in examining various plants in bloom over the summer, or in meeting other people with a gardening interest, come and join us on the tours.

This year the descriptions of each property plus maps to help you find each location will be available online.  Click on the Details link for individual nights. You will be able to download a PDF document or print the details and map for the night using the PDF or Print buttons at the top of each listing. You can also download the compete 2017 Open Gardens schedule HERE. Download the PDF document to your smart device or print a hard copy.  For those who require a hard copy, the hard copy will be available for $5.

Cost is of a Galt Horticultural Society membership is $15 per person or $25 per couple for a summer full of gardens to view. Individual nights are $3 per person. 

Please sign up to become a member on this website or purchase your membership at the Open Gardens. You may also email  Membership, if you have other questions. See you at the gardens!

Bring a friend and enjoy viewing these lovely gardens this summer!

To: View/Print/Download an individual night
please click of the "Details" link for the night

7-9 pm
137 Grand Ave. S.
139 Grand Ave. S.
145 Grand Ave. S.
272 Salisbury Ave.
Galt Details
7-9 pm
12 Foster Cres.
8 Carpenter Rd.
Galt Details
7-9 pm
94 Hume Dr.
102 Hume Dr.
138 Hume Dr.
127 Atwood Dr.
Saginaw Area Details
7-9 pm
Robert Pavlis' Gardens
8 Megan Place .
Guelph Details
7-9 pm
128 Fairlake Dr.
143 Fairlake Dr.
147 Fairlake Dr.
West Galt Details
12:30 pm.
Hespeler Walking Tour Meet at Hespeler Heritage Building behind Fire Station Details
17 July
7-9 pm.
Davis Hobson's Gardens
162 Heron Place
Waterloo Details
24 July
7-9 pm.
1847 Briarwood Dr.
632 North St.
160 Fountain St.S.
Preston Details
31 July
7-9 pm.
1767 Seaton Rd.
1777 Seaton Rd.
1797 Seaton Rd.
1817 Seaton Rd.
North Dumfries Details
14 Aug
7-9 pm.
21 Aug
7-9 pm.
Ferguson Cotteage
37 Grand Ave. S..
Galt Details

Open Garden Tour Etiquette

  1. Adhere to the schedule. If the garden is open from 7:00 to 9:00, do not arrive at 6:30 to beat the crowd while the hosts are hurrying to get ready, or show up at 8:50 and expect to view the garden for an hour.
  1. Leave pets and small children at home
  1. Paths are to be walked on.
  1. Ask permission before taking photographs.
  1. Do not remove plant markers in order to read them.
  1. If you have questions, do ask the hosts. They will be happy to talk to you.
  1. Don’t brag about your own garden, but, if you need help, ask the hosts to share their secrets for success.
  1. If you see something you don’t care for, keep it to yourself.
  1. Never weed, prune, pick or rearrange plants.
  1. Do not ask for cuttings.
  1. Taking seed heads or cuttings when you think nobody is watching is stealing.
  1. If you are allergic to insect bites, discreetly use your own bug spray.
  1. Unless it is an absolute emergency, do not ask to use the bathroom.
  1. Make sure that you find the hosts and thank them for opening their garden.