Monday, July 31, 2017

 Gary & Donna Willard1767 Seaton Rd., Cambridge *
 Neil & Nancy Smith1777 Seaton Rd., Cambridge
  Chris & Renate Wells 1797 Seaton Rd., Cambridge
  Tom & Monika Thomas1817 Seaton Rd., Cambridge

* NOTE: Please visit 1767 Seaton Rd. first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass. Open garden Booklets will also be available. 

Gary & Donna spent last summer creating a new rock and garden area along the front of their property. Many different sun and shade plants fill the gardens in the area. Included in the rock garden are fragments of the original grave marker of Gary’s 4th great-grandfather, who was an original settler in 1832 in the Sheffield area.  Notice the gardens along the front walkway and beautiful Magnolia tree in the side yard. Going around to the backyard, there is a wonderfully designed vegetable garden that leads to the back yard where flagstone walkways, surrounded by gardens, lead to a patio and pool.
Neil & Nancy moved to this property 7 years ago and have been making changes to the gardens since. They are working on the pond this year which went dry last summer during the drought.  They hope that the work and clean-up will be finished by the time of the garden tour but if not they have many other areas that you can visit. The front garden along the road is one of their favourite gardens with many different perennials that bloom at different times. Another favourite area is the rock garden hollow in the back yard that has many shade plants including hostas, epimediums, ferns, primulas and toad lilies.  Many of the annuals planted around the property are grown from seeds that are planted in early spring under lights in the basement. Growing seeds helps to pass the winter months and make it feel like spring is around the corner.
Chris & Renate have owned this property since 1988, when Chris cleared a section of the treed lot to build their house. Most of the gardens were created around the existing trees and rocks on the property. The gardens are planted with bulbs and perennials for three season blooming. A variety of statues add interest to the gardens. Don't miss the "Secret Garden"! This is a shade garden with mostly spring flowers such as bleeding hearts, trilliums, primulas, Bethlehem sage and lily of the valley; in the summer you will see mostly ferns hostas and phlox here. The backyard is under construction  - again, and is therefore not part of the tour.  
Tom & Monika One of the first things you will notice about thefront yard is the perfectly manicured boxwood hedge across the front with stone pillars framing the circular drive. Tom and Monica inherited this hedge and it’s pruning when they moved in 38 years ago. The gardens around the front of the house are filled with perennials and annuals to give colour in all season. Follow the stone walkway around to the backyard. All the stone work was installed by Tom using stones found in the area. The walkway leads to a deck with a sitting area complete with swivel chairs so you can take advantage of all the different views of the property. On another level there is a covered dining area and pool. The solid wood fence was replaced by an open powder-coated steel fence that allows you to appreciate the views of evergreens and lilacs around the property.  The gardens in the back yard are filled with perennials including some Japanese Peonies and Hostas she received from her family.  Tom & Monica have also created a garden across the road where you can find a variety of ground covers, lilacs and a couple of Naked Ladies!!