Monday, July 10, 2017

Janina & Robert Rydak 128 Fairlake Dr., Cambridge *
Lil & Loyd Jahn   143 Fairlake Dr., Cambridge
Wendy Price & Paul Paquette   147 Fairlake Dr., Cambridge

*Note: Please visit 128 Fairlake Dr. first, if you wish to purchase or renew your membership or purchase a nightly pass. Open Garden Booklets will also be available.

Janina & Robert have beautiful gardens all around their house! The front garden has two different Japanese maples, a pink magnolia tree and a white magnolia, a Japanese lilac, a wide variety of shrubs as well as bulb flowers and perennials. The pathway to the backyard, which is lined with flower beds, leads you to gardens filled with hostas, hydrangeas, peonies, iris, Japanese maples and bulb flowers. The focal point of the backyard is a beautiful lady statue/bird bath.
 Lil & Lloyd have lived here for 11 years. When they moved in there were no flower beds around the house. They have created beautiful gardens in the front and back of the house with many bulb flowers and perennials planted for three season blooming. A variety of statues and bird baths add interest to the gardens. In their backyard they have created a pondless waterfall.
 Wendy & Paul moved into this home 19 years ago. At that time there were no gardens, only grass up to the foundations of the house. Since then they have established beautiful gardens throughout the property. The gardens include a rose bed containing 35 rose buses, 3 peony rose trees and an abundance of perennials.