Monday, June 26, 2017

 Robert Pavlis8 Megan Place, Guelph

“Aspen Grove Gardens”

  In 2005 Robert decided to start a large, private, botanical type of garden and called it Aspen Grove Gardens. It is located on 6 acres of rolling hills in the south- east end of Guelph. The areas of elevation of this hilly property are both a challenge and an opportunity for unique garden design: a steep, long cascading waterfall, a dry stone waterfall feature, several ponds at different elevations and bog gardens in water retentive areas. Robert is a plant-a-holic and has amassed several thousand varieties of plants growing in a wide range of conditions. Rare and unusual perennials, trees and shrubs thrive in both sunny and shady conditions. A Japanese tea house, a dry garden, a forty foot arbour and a variety of statues heighten the experience of viewing this beautiful garden. Because there is so much to see at “Aspen Grove Gardens”, this is the only garden scheduled for this night. 2 maps have been included - the first o show directions from Cambridge to Guelph and the second to show a closer view of the area in Guelph.