Monday, June 19, 2017

 Sandy & Peter Caple102 Hume Dr., Cambridge *
 Wendy & Dave Moscinski  94 Hume Dr., Cambridge
 Wilma & Mark Miyasaki 138 Hume Dr., Cambridge
 Connie & Edward Boychuk 127 Attwood Dr., Cambridge

* NOTE: Please visit 102 Hume Dr. first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass. Open Garden Booklets will also be available. 

Sandy & Peter’s front yard was dug up last winter just before Christmas by the city to fix the water pipes. Unfortunately in the process their 10 year old Japanese Cherry tree was removed. They hope to have a replacement tree installed this year. As you go through the gate to the backyard, you will find a pathway between lilac shrubs and cedars. The path opens up to an arbour with climbing clematis and roses. Through the arbour you will find the back porch with a gazebo and hot tub areas. A trellis over the hot tub supports 25 year old purple and white wisteria vines that might be in flower for the tour. Mature hydrangea vines climb the trellis and the back walls of the house.  A garden behind the deck contains a rose collection and a late blooming toad lily. Behind the deck is a pool and second deck half way up the hill in the back yard. This gives access to the perennial beds in the back which contain a variety of plants, flowering shrubs and trees which provide colour and interest throughout the seasons. 
Wendy & Dave's garden is a joy for all seasons! In the early spring you will find magnolias and a variety of bulb flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses bursting forth in bloom. The second show follows in late spring with apple and cherry blossoms, lilacs and a variety of peonies dotting the landscape. Throughout the summer, various clematis, roses, lilies, hostas and Rose of Sharon can be seen providing interest in particular locations in the garden. 
Wilma & Mark’s front yard has been transformed into a Japanese Zen garden with many different foliage plants, shrubs and trees that give the garden a variety of form and texture. Different tones of lime, blue to red greens in the plant material add interest.  The gravel area serves 2 purposes as a decorative Japanese feature and drainage from the higher elevations in the backyard. The bench on the front walk is a perfect location to sit and view the garden In the back yard, they have a composite deck complete with an outdoor kitchen that Mark built. This area is used is used for relaxing and dinning in the summer. A Honey Locus tree gives dappled shade to the dining area in the afternoon. Many of their plants are from their families and friends and have a history that came with them. One of the hostas from Wilma’s father is over 90 years old! In front of the dining area is a fragrance garden that adds another dimension to the back yard experience.  A hummingbird feeder is also close to the deck so they can watch the birds come and go. The perennial border around the perimeter of the back yard holds many varieties of plants, most with a history of where they came from. Wilma and Mark love to share their plants with friends and family which continues the story of the plant as it moves to another home. 
Connie & Edward moved to Ontario two and a half years ago and have totally changed the property since then. The front yard is full of drought tolerant perennials, annuals, shrubs, flagstone pathways and features a mounded colorful and textural focal point of foliage. The back yard is anchored with a wooden gazebo girdled by a large flagstone patio. Flowering shrubs and colorful plants fill in between the flagstone and the fenced yard. The dry creek bed complements the stone scape theme. This summer, they are working on creating a matching dry scape boulevard. Although the gardens are young, they did come through the winter in great shape. Connie and Edward hope you enjoy the gardens as much as they appreciate the gardening community in Cambridge! 
Directions from Hume Dr. to 127 Attwood Dr.