Monday, June 5, 2017

  Elizabeth and Michael Stacey 139 Grand Ave. South, Cambridge *
  Peter and Diane Martin 137 Grand Ave. South, Cambridge
   Sue and Tony Willemson  145 Grand Ave. South, Cambridge
   Donna & Norm Bertrand 272 Salisbury Ave. Cambridge

* NOTE: Please visit 139 Grand Ave. South first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass. Open Garden Booklets will also be available. 

Elizabeth and Michael’s residence is a lovely Italianate Victorian style 1870 home.  You may recognize Liz as a former president and now as the Garden Committee Director of the Galt Horticultural Society. Both are Master Gardeners who continually change the gardens each year. At the front of the home there is a dragon feature within the xeriscaped front yard. In the back follow the whimsical sea of colour "under the big top". The yard has water features, pathways, shrubs, sculptures, sitting areas, lights and of course plants.

Peter & Diane’s home is circa 1861. They have lived in the home for less than a year. The back garden has a stone pathway and new deck. The formal garden goes around the back and includes a redbud, fire pit and a variety of perennials.


Sue (and Tony) write:  “I’m known as the hosta-hoe (hence my email)… with my passion being for over 500 varieties of hostas (last wine count!). Even my 9 year old granddaughter could name hostas since she was 3 and will tell you THEY are my babies. I have dug up more grass and other perennials to make room for more hostas! The little strip of grass left seems to be more of a problem! In my garden you will also find 50 varieties of Hens and Chickens, 6 Japanese Maples, and also a FIFI, a pompom juniper that Tony thought would be a great addition!. Stone pathways, stone berms, old rod-iron fencing, little hidden surprises, twinkling lights and separate rooms/places to sit are included. Our 3 collies enjoy watching the birds at the feeders and in the bird baths. Behind the garage, Tony has mounted an old cast-iron sink at my potting stations. We have lived here for 36 years and the gardens were started 18 years ago and counting.”  Sue will have Hostas, Fairy Planters and Glass Flower – Suncatchers for sale on the garden tour.


Donna & Norm have lived in this home since 1999. The backyard includes a river water feature that they built and leave running year round.  The flow of the water over the stones in the river is a gentle background that can be heard from the patio at the back of the house. Many plants and shrubs have been planted in the front and back yard borders and ground covers and other interesting plants complement and surround the river. They also have a “back-back” yard that serves as a holding garden for plants, a cup plant patch and a compost area. This area gives a view overlooking the railway line down an embankment.