Interesting Websites to Visit

The following links are provided for our member's convenience. If you are a member and have a gardening related  link that you think the membership would benefit from. Please use the Contact Page to send it to us.

Ontario Horticultural Association  Our parent organization, the Ontario Horticultural Association is a volunteer, charitable organization whose mission is to provide leadership and assist in the promotion of education and interest in all areas of horticulture and related environmental issues in Ontario, through an expanding network of horticultural societies dedicated to the beautification of their communities. Find out more about horticultural events across Ontario.

Royal Botanical Gardens - 30 minutes from Cambridge it is Canada's largest botanical garden. No other botanic garden in the world has so successfully incorporated untamed and cultivated landscapes.

Master Gardeners of Ontario Inc. - "Master Gardeners (MGs) in the Province of Ontario are experienced gardeners who have studied horticulture extensively and continue to upgrade their skills through technical training. With this training and continuing education, Master Gardeners provide expert horticultural advice to the general public."

Cambridge Tourism Web Page - In Cambridge Ontario, our distinctive 19th century architecture offers a beautiful backdrop for shopping, dining & colourful festivals.

Grand Valley Conservation Authority - The Grand River Conservation Authority manages water and other natural resources on behalf of 39 municipalities and close to one million residents of the Grand River watershed.

Emerald Ash Boarer - The emerald ash borer has spread throughout most of the Grand River watershed and will probably kill almost all ash trees, except for the smallest. Find out more

rare Charitable Research Reserve - The research and scientific study of our natural and cultural heritage that takes place at rare feeds a Chain of Learningwhich builds knowledge and a sense of wonderment from the most senior scientist to the youngest of student, and the public alike. Great events for the young and old.                                        

Walter Bean Grand River Trail The Grand River Trail is designed to ensure an educational, environmental, and recreational heritage for generations to come.

The Grand Trunk Trail - St. Marys links with the River View Walkway along the Thames River to provide an extensive walking path through areas of architectural and natural beauty in the heart of the historic town of St. Marys.